Physiotherapy, Osteopathy
and Massage Services
in Central Helsinki

Have access to professionals in different fields of Manual Therapy

Our selection includes: Physiotherapy, osteopathy, massage therapy, FMS tests, elastic therapeutic tape, visceral osteopathy, CST aka Cranio Sacral Therapy. We work as a team to optimize your wellbeing. We upgrade our expertise by continuous training and also utilize the knowledge of our colleagues to guarantee the best results. Welcome to the hands of experts!

We offer help for the following symptoms: lower back pain, shoulder/neck problems, headache, problems with occlusion, lower extremities, numbing of arms and legs, tingling or throbbing pain and problems during pregnancy. The treatments are also suitable for releasing tension and stress. We always aim to set up an appointment in a timely manner.

Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 08.00-20.00. Appointments for the same day can be booked by using our online-booking system or by calling +358 (0)45 275 88 44

Introductory offer for the new clients of UTP via online booking:

– Massage 60min –20%
– Physiotherapy 60min: -10e (first examination booking)
– Osteopathy: first appointment: 60min: 70€, follow-up times: 45min:70€